An outstanding year of Bitcoin and Blockchain has gone – The new one even better ?

Behind the scenes - Whats going on ?

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Bitcoin ? Blockchain ? Adoption ? 


„This year will be the most important year and a breakthrough for blockchain technology and adoption !“


This is one of the most heard sentences since 2014 !!!!


Yes, every year will be a great year and every year is the ground shaking year of outperforming blockchain technology and projects in AI. Also since 2014 we heard a lot of banks and companies shouting out that they adopt Blockchain.

One of the most highly recognized activists in this field are the R3 Consortium around Deloitte and of course the semi-scam IOTA.

What do they have in common ? They collected a lot of money. They never come alive with a working product only some technical accessories but no working concept for adoption at all. They wasted a lot of money and many supporters come and leave. For example Goldman Sachs and Santander left R3 behind, then a lot of high value banks and companies joined again and a lot of main insurance’s around the globe also joined.

In IOTA its always Bosch who is in there and suddenly disappeared and after a while comes in again.

So you see there is no value but a lot of money burned as much as R3 has to do a new fund rising round in the first quarter, a former employee says. IOTA is nothing more than a concept for 5G using and making big data collections accessible and transparent.


The biggest hope of all companies and governments seem to be total tracking of their customers / inhabitants for a lot of reasons. So they will create cool „must-have-gadgets“ around this technology and users will be so „excited“ that they will give away their privacy for a little gimmick which bores after 1 or 2 years. But than its too late.

So we heard from a lot of companies what they will do with blockchain technology but in the end of the day its only an electronic tracking system, with some benefits, which can determine exactly who is doing what right now. So also the ideas of near 85% of all ICO`s was about tracking datas in money systems or in the private area of you and me by pretending we all have a huge advantage from that.

So they prayed medical revolution in combination with health care, fighting poverty with intelligence money tracking and lending systems, making cars more useful like driver less taxis, even if the gps tracking and street watching technology is not that stable so for example in the EU its forbidden to drive completely computer assisted.

FINTEC CONFERENCES AND IDEAS – A summary of last year – Chance to change ? 

Its not about the ideas or the necessary for tracking everything but as I saw on all the conferences they have only one idea in mind: Building a new blockchain and/or a new coin supporting blockchains. Central banks discussed about Cryptos issued by themselves and we saw how the digital Petro was born and starving in one year. 

For companies and banks blockchain could be an huge impact but reduced to such silly ideas and only coming from the controlling point they never will reached the most effective out of the system. 

They always invested in the wrong direction because of dismissing the point of the technology.



Lack of knowledge leads into losses worth of billion dollars last year

With the massive advertisement of Blockchain Technology solutions no one cares about if the prayer of these new „revolutionary“ systems have any idea about what they are selling.

Fact there are schools out there and one of them is acting world wide (Satoshi School)  but companies, banks and governments not using that offers in the way it should be. A lot of blockchain projects may have been come out with the right knowledge, but as long people think they can do all without, they fail.

For people understanding this new technology it was absolutely clear to see that nothing of the ICO`s except a few could for-fill their promises.

Problem also is that Fintec Conferences need sponsors so as we have seen scams has always financed a lot of smaller conferences. By sponsoring you also get the right for a speaking slot and people will be lead in a completely wrong knowledge by this scams.

Remember the big things about creating smart contracts. Near every blockchain projects predicts smart contracts and ai, but in real only Ethereum and Eos is working in a way of functionality with theses contracts.
Also you see today they are all and also ripple controlled by third parties. Even Ethereum is centralized and hold some closed round ups behind the curtains about the future of Ethereum.

Adoption hasn’t been seen yet because existing systems doesn’t fit for the needs ! 

So there is no mass adoption in these technologies even not in Ripple which is announcing it works with banks every four weeks.

Banks and Companies needs own solutions without monthly fees for accessing these services. They need private Blockchains admitted by themselves with own support. That will be the huge change and mass adoption.

Does it make sense to kill SAP with Blockchain technology regarding the costs and on the other hand paying more for the new technology ?


With knowledge they will be able to create their own Blockhain systems. But what is a blockchain ? Nothing you know ! Blockchain in financial terms means distributed ledger technology and this is far away from the bitcoin system. Ripple’s CTO just reported that Ripple hasn’t got a blockchain in the way people understand.

So its easy to set up a so called „blockchain“. And companies can be independent from this technology.

ICO vs. STO ?

The idea of rewarding someone making crowdfunding is not as bad as it sounds today but there is no need for ICO and STO which are the new ICO’s. Think about all the great invention of former years. They just happened because some people come together working on a project for free, because they know if they come out with a model type they will easily collect money. So we saw Tesla and many more companies worth of millions today coming out with a concept and showing the use case in a model which works.

In case of blockchain all you need is a coder, developer and manager. No marketing nothing. Just start business with your best friends or make friends in this area.

Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Stellar and so on … no ICO …. The creation of so called DApps (and no they are not on a blockchain as you might think !) have been done by people following their ideas.

But also the danger is that a lot of companies will lose millions of dollars again in STO`s because the marketing of ideas has nearly perfected today. But ideas are not working products.


If the understanding of Blockchain goes back to see the ledger benefits and the understanding that you can’t store anything in a blockchain because it doesn’t make sense will give the whole thing a new area and we will see projects coming out in adoption. But as long they not willed to learn the KNOW HOW they still dreaming on.

So there is a little light in this field. And I personally believe if it is growing and first things out to the masses it will become a huge market. That needs to things – accepting the truth that blockchain is not a wonder weapon and also that you must be ready to kill the 3rd parties. Most of the good blockchain projects starved because people not willed to cut of third parties.

You can compare the blockchain situation to UBER in Germany and other countries:

The traditional Taxi Services fighting because they got the cost for holding the cars etc. But in real they are not willed to change themselves. So in Germany the taxi lobby was fighting and the court forbid Uber. These 3rd parties stopped mass adoption of taxi driving in Germany because normal taxis too expansive. And now they complain about less earnings.


So what happen is that we build blockchains keeping third parties in and that’s what also the ICO’s idea was. The  third party in that concepts are the build of the concept. Always and forever making people pay for the service like OFFICE 365. After your Abo has gone you can’t access anything. If you are power user and not willed to pay so high fees you got in trouble.

Another danger thing for mass adoption of Blockchain Technology is the AMERICAN BANK.

It looks like they patent everything coming out. The last 4 weeks we heard about new patents every second they from them. So they hold more than 400 patents actually in blockhain technology.

And best of all they can’t use them for themselves because its not working they only patent parts of the a whole concept to make sure generation income. Like Qualcomm and Samsung done with Apple.

This will be a real huge challenge and make adoption more expansive than before and even creating blockchains by avoiding these patents. Did you know that all ERC-20 and the Ethereum Blockhain is violating each day a patent ? Now the patent holders looking for funding the trial.

But as I said before. ITs not that technology they think about. So Satoshi School will lead some companies this year into blockchain and I guess this will be the start of adoption. But first we have to fight with disappointments in the industry.

BITCOIN – it is all about pricing ? 

Bitcoin itself seems to outperform every different Altcoin and not Tone Vays and Jimmy Song predicting Altcoin dying. The performance of different coins about the last years and recently the great falls of Ethereum and Ripple shows exactly what they are: Only a measurement for Bitcoin. Nothing more. There is no functionality neither in adoption nor in banking, Bitcoin is the only payment coin which is accepted worldwide. Yes Bitcoin Cash says it has some acceptance (900 POS) but thats almost because Bitpay allows also BCH.

So the fall of BCH and BSV also shows there is no real value behind for mass adoption only a „say so“. And hopefully the stress about these action has gone away for good. So Bitcoin price is going up Altcoins going up. Bitcoin is dipping, also Altcoins do. Yes everytime they go up and down there is some news blog who explains why but thats what we have learned fake news.

The ideology behind altcoins is that there must different coins for trading.

With the liquid technology which came out in 2018 there is a milestone in making different coins obsolete. By changing coins into tokens and using atomic swap technology in a better way liquid as a side change to Bitcoin Network will tokenize everything but payout in the actually net worth of different tokens. So its an on chain exchange and will slowly kill traditional exchanges. But also Exchanges like BitMEX using liquid actually for faster trading pairs.

Bitcoin is going dark …. Again ?

Bitcoin has now three wallets out there making bitcoin anonym again. Blue Wallet, Wasabi and Samourai. Last only for Androids. Blue Wallet is also the first lightning wallet for the masses.

Privacy is one of the main targets today if we are surrounded by blockchain technology in the future. The possibility to get the system in balance by having a system which can create an society which is funding them by their own money is the balance of the world.

So we can use all the cool FinTec Gadgets but if this system disappoint you, there is an alternative called Bitcoin still open for everyone and with privacy. Privacy is necessary for democracy and of course for your personal interests. No one wants the system chines is embedding in 5 cities by voting people and given them points or less points, which let you travel or not f. e.

We have seen a huge step towards mass adoption from Bitcoin in 2 Ways.

Samourai Wallet supports now the Mesh Network GoTenna a UHF network which makes transaction independent from 4g, 5g,… and Internet !

And there is another powerful step from Blockstream: Now you can send transactions all over the world by satellites ! That will change in 2019 a lot in Bitcoin universe. Also you have the possibility to send encrypted messages.

Bitcoin has a strong year behind but also the technology was finally coming to successful updates and new inventions as mention above.

Bitcoin could have the best year ever in 2019. There is a lot of more coming: RSK, MAST in the end of the year and more. This technologies allows like Lightning, using Smart Contracts again on Bitcoin Blockchain, but in a more powerful and secure way than Ethereum has or Satoshi was imagine. So finally there will starting a whole new area of development on Bitcoin Blockchain.

Forget about the price !

With indexing these year the OTC market futures will become more reliable and not any longer a pressure for the bitcoin price as we have seen in holding the market bearish for a long time.

Bitcoin will going up to 50000 Dollar this year, cause the adoption of technology (Liquid, Lightning, Satellite Streaming and so on) is bringing institutional investors and infrastructure.

More people than ever will bitcoin use as money because the economy crises starting last year slowly will grow on and create poverty. Italia for example will cause the European Union in another financial crises next to Germany, by spending more money and creating hyperinflation. Just wait and see.

More and more people buying bitcoin not any longer concerning about the high of 20000 Dollar. This was only for medias.

Also the mining is going more effective. Companies like XOLARIS GROUP just starting with mining in 2019 at a low difficulty so the value in bitcoin by mining and earning more bitcoins is the best time since years.

Governments are unable to stop Bitcoin by inflation and by law. So Bitcoin will grow these year more than every other year. The time where the easiest way to buy bitcoin is on regulated exchanges, is running out. On Chain exchanges with different methods of payments, which you can’t follow on bank accounts will come out soon.

Education is growing

Satoshi School is now present in more than 35 countries like India, USA, GB, France, Japan,…
The joint venture with ILTES in India for example brings also regulation frameworks and governments into the
creation process.

The demand for education in Bitcoin and Blockchain is growing and this will lead us in the prospective of a new society which adds Bitcoin and Blockchains as a part of the governmental system and changes banking today. Governments will stop Central Banks from their rights to control the money flow and even stop exchanging from cryptocurrencies in several nations. There is a change in mindset but be careful they also see Blockchain as a totality control opportunity. This needs also a lot of education how to use this technology for human righteous purpose. But we are on a good way.

So you can say: 2019 is given a chance to make it right !

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