BIP 148 panic and ICO Scams

How to betray people and market caps

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Times changes and today we see an economy which is half-blind driven by money. When BitCoin started in 2008 to change we think about money and how we can afford making more social projects f. e. bank the unbanked we see only the FinTec industry wasting a lot of money to build totally hackable insecure so called blockchains or use the faulty ethereum blockchain which is centralized not decentralized (vitali said if something is not in the mind of ethereum they can close accounts)

Testing around burned 45 million dollars last year and even more this one.

What now happens we see that BitCoin Blockchain runs stable price grows
and everything works fine or not ?

There is a new scam for the rich people at the horizon:


The people run wild about it.

You say ICO the people spend millions
and more for nothing. They get some tokens and in the case the company make happen what they promise the price of the tokens grow and they can sell them like shareholder values.

But all the projects are light years away becoming real.

Why ?

They don’t use the money on a BitCoin Blockchain.

So they would code own blockchains or ethereum solutions
Even if there not enough coders in space and no experience in computing complex progresses they sell a new world.

Imagine every ICO of the last 2 years hasn’t got results that change the way we think today.

Nothing from the ideas working and moreover they use the money to stabilize eth price.

After an attack to a Canadian exchange which makes an
lost of 14millions Dollar by an eth contract fraud (press wrote “coin massacre”), we saw that
the ICO holder on eth put a lot of money in the Olymp for
saving the course and stabilize trust after 3 days eth sank.

Meanwhile big exchanges like kraken, bittrex, coinbase stopped trading at same time.
So that’s how FinTec and Exchange executives make more money on bets and you see how a centralized world is all about money not people.
In 2008 people adopted BitCoin to flew from the old system.
And now the same put all money in ICO crazy Blockchain dreams and ridiculously it is to become digital slaves.

The FinTec arm is frightened about SegWit and side chains because speed of BitCoin Blockchain will raise to a higher level and so big investors going to go away from insecure systems like ether ripple and co.

Second reason Maas project. Within these sidechain any kind of smart contract can be placed securely and can not be fraud like solidity contracts on ethereum.

Third is government can not track BitCoin users anymore.The transactions will be hidden.

So that’s why people troll about BIP148

The ethereum  fans say a split of the chain is coming . Roger Ver dreams about a hardfork with a second coin. Is likely to see because he only wants to make more money
from mining fees.

The stunning word BIP148 let’s go people crazy. ETH will crack BitCoin so the fans telling. But what do they do in real ?

You can only swap ethereum in BitCoin.

Nothing more. And so they do and feed the BitCoin price.

They don’t understand.

A UASF User Activated Softfork only is an activation and reset a computer. Like you installed software on your Microsoft and Mac
and the computer telling you to restart.

So there was consensus 2017 in New York:

No two chains with different coins will come ever. Even if six month after activating SegWit a hard fork for 8MB Blocks happens the second chain won’t come alive and public.

No one has to prepare for a split through BIP 148.

All other opinions are bullshit to make money with people who don’t understand.

But even if you think everything after weeks of discussion it could not come harder

Bitmain said they will do a so called User Activated HARD Fork.

They will make an own coin alive.

Why ? They dream about Roger Vers version who forgot what BitCoin is for real.

His only interest is like Winklevoss Brothers making money don’t care about someone.

Bitmain trapped in the AsicBoost Desaster and it is clear to see if SegWit comes the boost is useless and they can’t earn extra money.

On the other hand AltCoins are only useful in the case you change them into BitCoins.
So a BitCoin prise needs to be low.

But when the price is going up to 5000 and more and altcoins not growing in this way they will starve sooner or later.

So the attack on some exchanges during ICO sign up was a
Market manipulation from exchanges and other.

That’s why the BTC price was melting but it’s going up again.

So what will happen?

Bitmain only kidding around. Their coin will end like ZCash – overhyped.

Alternative Core Programs like from team gets more attraction.

What we will see is that speed grows up in August and lightning, maas, tumblebit, breeze wallets going alive.

Many investors will change to BTC because it is more secure and faster than altcoins.

So don’t believe what people say about two chains  and new coins. Nothing like this will happens.

So stay relaxed wait for August.

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  1. Kredit Suisse sagt

    Der 1. August 2017 mit dem neuen „besseren“ (chinesischen) Bitcoin Cash (von Roger Ver und den Bitmain-Abzockern) – also nur ein erster April?

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