Bitcoin & Blockchain 2019

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The year of reality ?

2 years ago the ICO hype started – whats in this year ?

We have seen a lot of hype about the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO.
Every conference has used ICO companies (.io) for sponsorship put them in ridicoulous pitch events and make the world beliefe this is the future of Blockchain. Only thing we saw : The future how we will lose money. The few companies coming out with real products (the first „blockchain“ mobile) couldn’t make it run.

95% of all ICOs still fakes

There are 3 reasons for that. First there is no different blockchain out there except Bitcoin and their hard forks. Second distributed ledger technology is not blockchain. And third „Artificial Intelligence“ doesn’t exist. It is machine learning.

But marketing companies are very creative in this times to describe ideas of their clients in a trustful way for uneducated people in this new technology area. So it has gained to a billion dollar market and some start-ups became unicorn status. But that’s all folks. Sorry.

The so called „crypto winter“ killed the party but it was not all about that. Heavily invests in future and the try to stop losses long the market into downsize trend and more about that the ICO market loses popularity because people do not want to invest in an „could be“ idea of someone. This Winter was lead by „disappointment“ in Blockchain technology because nothing came out for real.

2019 the market slowly sees potential in ICO again but have been lost their attraction.

2019 – the year of STO and IEO hype ?

You likely understand that a billion dollar market machinery won’t accept that the party is over and so they started a new thing called „Security Token“ and the so called „Initial Exchange Offering“

Whats the differences ?

From a point of cynical I will say nothing only the names changed. But for all other participants its a new investment vehicle to open markets.

Initial Exchange Offering

So IEO’s are a trust based systems, believing that the reputation of an exchange is enough to create trust in the new offering. A failure in the concept and trust leads to the first IEO Scam (

Security Tokens

The STO believes it is a security token. That means you need to offer this token a regulatory permission. But this is standard form work today without re-check so everyone can easily create his own STO. Since the providing company must secure funds with their companies share or other assets this is the only investment which are backed up.

But the reality is another one. In them moment its was once secured the relationship and contracts all by the participants and do not have to be checke. That leads also in scams. ( )

But the hype still goes on and even that many people after 3 years of talking about Blockchain haven’t got any idea what the meaning is about

Why 2019 May Become The Year Of Enterprise Blockchain

Lets talk about distributed ledger technology (DLT) and why it is overrated

Today we use the word blockchain for near everything and if we tell people of the benefits of blockchain technology we always say „…this technology will change the way you have done your business or your banking in a very disruptive way it will change everything how we use datas today and in the future and how we communicate each other and changes our society completely!“ We are not tired to explain on conferences why the DLT technology is changing the whole markets and „transforms us into a new area which will bigger and have more impact compared to the founding of the internet today“

What I already knew and now you have learned from the beginning of 2019 is reality is something different !

  • DLT is a database connected to a coded process which creates unique Time Stamps connected with an output number which is also unique.
    Now you connect number and date on a ledger. This ledger you copy to thousand of amazon servers and now the copies of the ledger updating themselves and validate new entries on logical plausibility check. This methods of check we call Proof of… whatever you want.
  • Real blockchains uses also Proof of …. methods but the technology is not a new kind of restructiring databases to an more efficient and fast system. ITs a new kind of Information Exchange where you can also manage ownership without third party. Real blockchains also a kind of file transfer protocol and swarm technology for large file management combined with database creation by computer not humans. A real blockchain has no influence from a human being. Accounting happens by the computer system. Its untouchable. As time of writing we have only one blockchain who fulfills the definition of blockchain 100% – Bitcoin Blockchain (BTC). Nearly all hard forks (hard copies of the original Bitcoin) are not independent like Bitcoin and controllable (For example (Bitcoin Cash and BSV centralized by Miner and no longer in the control of nodes like BTC)
  • We can’t store anything on Blockchain (DLT)
    Hard but true there are no games „on the Blockchain“ and „decentralized Apps“ only Apps which haven’t got one server (to provide user datas) the server has spread over thousands of them). Games got only an API and if a player got rewarded or buy an item with Cryptocurrencies a code will be send to a DLT which offers macro technology (we call it today Smart Contracts) and automatically account the balance of wallets of buyer and seller or reward system)
  • Blockchain is the efficient way to help supply chains. Yes it is but – no – there is still no use case because people think point 3 in this list is real! The magic for supply chains in combination with DLT is the fast and trustful access to a database and the extraction of a group of datas from a trustfully source of datas.
  • Blockchain can…
    Blockchain will…
    Blockchain change…
    Blockchain disruptes….

    Since 6 years when in 2013 Ethereum started to allow Smart Contracts we are triggered by topics what Blockchain will do.

    Compared to the serious progress in other technology sectors like gaming computers, robotics, machine learning and quantum computing over the past 6 years the area of blockchain technology stucks and even in 2019 will not come out with comparable solutions or the „killer app or hardware“ which will change the whole banking sector.

    So you can likely see Ripple with the XRP tokens which is nothing more like an email with DLT failed in all his partnerships to create use cases and acceptance by banks.

    IBM failed with Hyperledger fabric. They have partner ships but still do not use this technology in their own company.



Yes, 2019 will be the year of regulations and big data collection in a way we haven’t seen before. EU was revealing MD5 regulatory in money and assets and leads Blockhain and Cryptocurrency investigations to Interpol. The US Crypto Task Enforcement set out a standard rule set to protect the fiat world against cryptocurrency which leads into a hyperinflation in the US by binding these assets through stable coins sooner or later.

Stablecoins for many people the magic to keep out volatility will be the burst of the bubble in the fiat world in a way that the normal economy crises we are facing now will get oil into the fire. In the moment Bitcoin raises over night to more than 50000 Dollar we must print money to backup the stablecoins and fulfill the BitLicense from NY.

This increase of money creates a hyperinflation in Europe and the US Market in the time between 2020 and 2023.

Everyone in the economic field knows about even governments and banks. Thats why they now want to collect all the knowledge where people uses fiat to buy Cryptocurrency and invest in Blockchain Technology. DLT technology combined with data collections of any item in your house, on the street, at the work, at your friends home and the collection of information who is talking to whom and what consequence comes after – not only to create viral advertisement – will lead into totality control.

The fear creates a perfect computer system tracking you from your birth to your death. Healthcare will be pushed but the right of your own life and decision will sooner or later not only fade but disappear.

On the other hand this technology will in the first phase (before controlling) show you all the benefits. Secure autonomous flying taxis, smart homes at its best, household robots, intelligent news, suggestions bringing more quality and health to your life. More fun and amusement exactly dedicated for your interests. Life quality from the wealthy people will go up, life-work-balance will come to a whole new level of experience.

We will see a lot of new cool technology gadgets out there and our sci-fi dreams comes closer to reality. Always people able to create good stuff. Think about Internet today and cars. We will get more possibilities from datas fighting f. e. Cancer and other deceases.

The world is changing for those who can pay that. This is a club for a few people want to restart in a world they like and leaving the rest into the dust as a collateral accident.

Thats why they fight Bitcoin. Because with Bitcoin group of people can build their own world their own rules in this world and their own payment processors in peaceful common with different groups all over the world.

The government system as we know will break up and technology of Bitcoin provides trust without control. One System all in driven by computer protocol not failure of humans. People will likely go there after the mask falls down and they realize that their IOT and Blockchain technology disappoint them.

Maybe u think this dystopia – history showed one thing – from decentralization we moved to centralization and now the centralize companies use the word decentralization in wrong meanings.

If decentralize the way I store my company datas, that doesn’t mean that I lead decentralization to the way of decisions. Many people think a decentralized company must be good. But who controls the code behind the ledger. How controls the company even if they have decentralized systems ?

On one site the government needs your datas on the other hand business also to create more revenues. And we need data collection for the good things of life also – do not forget about !


When I told you a couple of years ago Microsoft will become the most valuable company in the world and round up with Apple you would heavily laughing.

Microsoft redefined Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. No system is such a cool and useful gadget in one than Microsoft Hololens !

And now it presents a system for bringing back self-responsibility to the users over their access datas to log in or identify themselves – not on DLT because it is centralized by the companies using DLT –



So we see technology must go on – but we have to decide what happens to our datas which datas we will give away. For studies we need extern machine learning and DLT technology but not to store my personal datas. My ID on Bitcoin can provide you with an information that I am a real person and the datas I provide to you are for real and from me. That doesn’t mean you have to know where I am living, my family tree, my friends, my life and my whole life. You want access to my health file from the doctor for studies ok you get them anonym only thing is proofed that this datas come from a person which has the age you ask for and some other informations like height and weight but without informations who I am.

If we can use this careful division between privacy and public interest I totally agree with all of these new technology.

Unfortunately no one really want this. And this makes me frighten. So the only way to fight for this right now and in the future will be hacking. And be sure, the hacks you have seen in the past only a cold drop of water on a hot stone. Means we will see large DLT hacks which will simply shut down a whole town infrastructure build on DLT.


Greediness, frauds in Future Markets and OTC as price killer makes it harder today to create wealthy. No one of the rich wants you to become rich also. Even no one wants poor people into money. Because with money they got a right to vote and to be heard.

Lucky as it is Bitcoin Price is not depending only on markets and this little different will sooner or later kill all altcoins and lead them into token assets in a tokenary system world only for some exchanging functionality. One step of this change just begun with Liquid Network (

Liquid is more than that it provides us to set up own nodes and run a exchange without having centralized software. We exchange directly from wallet to wallet and can pay whatever we like without holding funds on a centralized exchange. We just send money and the reason we provide on the form could be anything else than saying „I exchanged“. So tracking is some kind of past.

The hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto




This point is not important for the users but for banks, governments, financial companies. Why ? Because they haven’t got a perfect system and they want to know HOW BITCOIN IS WORKING. You can’t stop the system even if you are Satoshi. But you can recreate it for FINTEC in a different way…

And thats the solution why Craig Steven Wright #CSW is not Satoshi Nakamoto !

Even Garvin Andresen and him wasn’t able to recode a Fintec Version. Both did supporting a hardfork (Andresen BCH supporter / CSW BSV supporter)

They could recreate if they are for real in the history of creating Bitcoin. But they are figures in a fairytale of Bitcoin founding by Banking on Bitcoin, the golden Bitcoin book and all the stuff around. Nick Szabo wrote down the idea of cryptography did he start to code something like bitcoin ten years after or develop on bitcoin ?

The only person for real in this game was and is Hal Finney and he is dead and even he is not Satoshi Nakamoto but has been the chief coder with Satoshi. And the truth is that digicash was a trial where I was in but it was far far away from Bitcoin and even the conspires ideas of Nick was only the write downs of researches done by many other. Say putting the pieces into a white paper for digi gold. And this pieces done in former times must be in the whitepaper of Bitcoin. But the spirit and the untouchable and unconfiscable point in Bitcoin coded in a hexa octavos compiling guarantee the idea of free libertarian money has never been seen in all these concepts. Even Garvin Andresen is not able to catch that. And so the whiteboard emails just faded for announcement not for creating and thats the reason believe a wrong history.

Just think about.

Thanks for reading

Joerg Molt
May 28th, 2019

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