Bitcoin in Transition – The Dark Danger of the Cartel?

Bitcoin on the edge of a blackmail ,... ?

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Bitcoin in Transition – The Dark Danger of the Cartel?

It´s been very icy recently and icy times are ahead.

The wind of change has kept BitCoin and Crypto fans in suspense and lose faith recently, or at least has triggered serious doubt.

It´s at times like these that Bitcoin apponants rub their hands, knowing that the only way to break BitCoin is to destroy confidence.

In addition, there is the artificially induced „fight of BitCoins“, which on closer inspection has more to do with the ego of an AltCoin enthusiast and the arrogance of some BitCoin enthusiasts.

Had BCash become the new BitCoin, fans would have enjoyed hefty profits, but the problems that BitCoin still has to overcome, are the same.

And that is what shocks me the most. The approaches that have been taken so far, have been unable to take the wind out of the sails of the machinary of banks, and those against Bitcoin.

More about that later. Let’s take stock.

Bitcoin is still the same; still the one and only real Bitcoin, because it has remained unchanged since 2008 (and in the public domain since 2009). Modifications and updates of the core programs, (at this moment of writing) the version 0.16, have done necessities, which were mostly for the better but some were detremental i.e. cancellation of the fixed fee, which the miners can now set themselves.

The stability of the network and nodes has greatly increased, as well as the security aspects and the easier installation of a full node. There is still a lot to be done here, but things are moving forward. Not least SegWit, as well as Lightning are now a reality.

All this is positive news in the Tekki sector, but what about the real market?

Here we have seen greater acceptance. For example, the largest Canadian electronics chain now accepts Bitcoin. We also see big retailers and more and more smaller stores and retailers relying on BitCoin.

That all sounds very positive, but it’s still not the rule that we hear news of acceptance on a daily basis. We are still far away from that.

On the other hand, it is the third world countries, such as Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya and emerging countries, such as Argentina, Venezuela, etc. that continue to increase acceptance. Hard to believe, but true, the United States continues promoting acceptance, but in reality they are working diligently to put an end to Bitcoin; true to the motto, give the people this toy to play with, to dirstract from our true plans. ,

South Korea and Japan are now in the lead in terms of acceptance.

Recently, Russia and other countries have worked on the approval of Bitcoin, and mining has increased proportionaly.  More Exchanges have opened; some of them with scandals, others acting more in the background.

The nicest thing is that more and more institutional investors are entering the market and now the „big players“ are slowly getting involved.

The flip side of the coin

All this increased development and acceptance, you would think, would be reason enough for the price to increase in real market value.

It has, but it has not reached the exchanges . For example, there have been amounts of bitcoins from the so-called Mt. Gox theft sold on the open market, but without the participation of the exchanges.

As a result, a shadow market has developed which is currently working dumping prices. In addition to the futures exchanges, there is also one that specializes in the falling price of BitCoin, and offers special betting structures.

Many investors have left the market because of their concerns that the largest share of 160000 bitcoins from the Mt. Gox Fundus have been sold.

The announcement by the German and France governemnts at the G20, that they would vote against Bitcoin, was, as I predicted, nothing but hot air. But unfortunately investors still saw warning signs and have exited of the market.

The US has continued to increase its tax rugulations and attempt to expand the Bitlicense, this has also driven away investors.

Family Offices – The problem zone and the point of fear.

In addition, the immense demand of family offices and private banks can not be fulfilled at the moment, and investors are currently seeing this as an obstacle. If Bitcoin sales are mostly made through private banks, the investors‘ money is in danger; it could come to an investment backlog, where the banks could then respond with mass sales.

In addition, there is a concentration of bitcoins in a few rich institutions that actually do not want Bitcoin, but want to maintain their business model.

Unfortunately, there are now enough Bitcoin owners and exchanges who offer Bitcoin at prices below it´s value, at a discount, because they believe the press, and are afraid Bitcoin has arrived at the death-end cross, and could now completely disappear ,

With increasing Segwit referrals, which are almost unobservable, it gives the impression that the Bitcoin market is „dead“ and news reports state that „BTC is trading less than ever “

That also causes more or less sleepless nights. It’s like a vintage car, which suddenly no one wants; for example an Opel Admiral; the value falls into the basement and the former asset becomes uninteresting. The car is then dumped for damage-limiting reasons and this brings the whole market down.

On the other hand, the market can´t offer what people want, because it is made more difficult for people to do so. Exchanges are closed down etc.

Likewise, one might get the impression that scammers and pyramid schemes intentionally want to break the market, as they are destroying confidence on a large scale, with lies and deceit and false enlightenment.

We remember One Coin, Questra, Bitconnect, Optioment, etc., and the great wave of ICOs that just continues with 98 percent of them being the wrong systems. Millions of trust funds disappearing into dubious schemes and business models in Costa Rica, Panama, etc.

As a result, China banned ICO´s. Google, Facebook, Twitter and other services have been so pressurized that they have also simply banned ICO advertising in these areas.

Killing Bitcoin by pretending it doesn´t exist? The fact is that more and more people are registering on exchanges and fighting against these bans . This is not in Europe, but in the US, India, etc. if you look at the exchange statistics.

India does not have many exchanges, but here is where a lot of the action is.

The Cloud Act and the abolition of privacy, which was also there before, now has a legal basis.


This is the best way to destroy trust.

Then there are also jump and dump games operating, the CME has proven to be harmless and the investors disappointed.

The market currently consists of a wave of uncertainty, and because it fits in strategically, you can arrest a dealer of Local Bitcoins, alleging under-cover employees with the reference to drugs. We know the story of Charly Shrem?

So they find a sacrificial lamb for the Bitcoin Generation 2.0 and not only that, fictitious cases of arrests and uncovered fraud, are effectively launched.

Let’s summarize:

Market sales in large quantities – Purchase to dump and discount prices – Purchase of private banks and family offices – Sale of Mt. Gox Coins to private people and not on the exchanges – Scams and ICOs – Privacy – Cloud Act, etc. – Simulated arrests etc ,

If you look at it for yourself, then the statement that we are no longer in the Wild West is simply ridiculous.

This is what they are doing to deter people. Everytime newspapers report these things, what they are actually saying is „We do not recommend investing in Bitcoin“.

However, it didn´t really deter people, so something new had to appear:  THE CARTEL !!!!

What is this all about? Given the flood of negative twists and pressure on prices, people keep coming up with new ideas as to what is happening. The latter ended in the „Fourth Dimension – is the Cartel behind it?“

A report which caused a stir on social media. The author of this report has responded very well to people’s fears, implying that there is something like the „Illuminati of cryptocurrencies“ and you can not stop them unless the real market value of Bitcoin rises, as he himself believes.

He gives some examples and the best part is he uses a graph where the break-outs of bitcoin are explained. For example, CME futures etc.

I said several times, in several articles, that it was the disappointment of CME, that brought the price down in January.  This report says it has nothing to do with that, but is due to a `Cartel` controling and manipulating the market

The individual case studies speak for themselves, this has nothing to do with a Cartel.

I think the writer has perhaps been influenced by the last 4 Bond films, where he made a logical connection – starting with Casino Royal.

Specter for example, is an organization of the most powerful Cartels, the roof so to speak, and here it is very well explained how these structures dominate the world, and, for example, how they specifically trigger a pharmaceutical crisis, etc. Everyone has heard of this.

In his opinion, they have specialized mainly in gold, oil, diamonds and now also on BitCoin, to gain further influence with market manipulation and thus represent the real „world government“. With the control of these assets, the governments of the world can be bought, and the corruption never ends.

Absurdism or serious approached?

  • Many of my readers know that I am open to such theories, but that logically has it´s limits. Especially when you begin to back up laws and the mathematical logic structure of Bitcoin with wrong assumptions.
  • 1) If the Cartel influences Bitcoin and thus keeps the price down, I should really thank them, because my goal is to bring as many people as possible into Bitcoin, and that is only possible if the price is low.
  • , 2) And a report from 1980 is mentioned, where the Rothschilds described a new world currency in 2018. This argument has made many conspiracy theorists and esotericists become active.

The Rothschilds – A family that gambled their inheritance

Anyone who still believes that the Rothschilds are the secret currency guardians, the monarchs of money, is mistaken.  Although countless YouTube videos still describe again and again the lasting power of the once so powerful money house, and its connections into the highest government circles.

But the facts are:

The Rothschilds are disempowered. The control and power claim of this money cycle, was recognized early by the US government, and it infiltrated and plundered the family business. As a result, we have seen many bankruptcies in branches of the family throughout the world, and through the pooling of the central bank system, a virtual disempowerment of the financial institutions that belonged to their Empire. Today, their influence is hardly referred to, just a few old cliches are well known and pose no danger.

The New World Order had to take place without these patriaches. The compound interest assets, the money without value, the system of the Rothschilds, is incapacitated

This is due to the fact that the Rothschild have simply overslept digitization and the development of clearing houses, such as Price Waterhouse & Cooper, which have long since adopted the rating for entire nations and are now grading them.

Some countries, such as the USA and Germany, have not been graded because they have increased the political pressure on those clearing houses. One can also say that they were threatened and only „political enemies“ that do not fit into the new world view, have been punished.

Yes, the times of the big money families, the money-aristocracy is over.

Similar to the postal service of the once so glorious family Thurn & Taxis, who are now only see in the boulevard press. Email, private parcel service providers, telecommunications competition, etc., have found an end in modern times, thanks to Black Schilling, which has dissolved the monopoly, and heralded the dying of the post offices.

How ironical is it that you can now buy Bitcoins at the post office in Austria.

Bitcoin – The savior living in the shade

The deep uprooting of society in its foundations, with the invention of bitcoin has taken its toll. The time has come for sacrifices to be made.

Spectacular hacks in the past have shown that the FinTech industry has nothing against Bitcoin, as well as the Bitcoin Blockchain that can do more than any of its competitors.

The realization, that Japan or Estonia, where the whole nation is running on Blockchain and still has Bitcoin, shows that it’s all about bringing everything into balance.

Society is in the process of positioning itself: If the state does not bring more than it demands, the all-purpose weapon Bitcoin will bring the state to its knees, because a state without a governable people, is a market crier in an empty pigsty.

The Internet is a blessing of control, but it is also a blessing for privacy, thanks to Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Is the solution that easy? Yes – position yourself! Go into this world of bitcoin without fear. Just do it, nobody can take it from you. Start seeing Bitcoins as your daily commodity, pay more with it. Tell your environment to pay you only in BTC.

We are in the process of opening up a huge second market and it is growing every day, and at the same time, all around the world.

Nobody can stop it.

But you can use it for yourself and the future of your children, where freedom is still self-determination, where it does not matter who you are and where you come from; where you are measured by your actions, not by education and titles. Where you can secure your private things and above all your OWNERSHIP, and have proof in a ledger that nobody can take away from you, where you find the truth and nothing but the truth, even years later.

But the truth, as you know it, hurts … if you want to be deceitful!

And with this logic we know that Bitcoin continues to rise, and after this „crisis“ no one will doubt it again.


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