BitCoins raise is not a bubble – its a real worth

Understanding Bitcoins

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What the world  expects from BitCoin

I remember not long ago the BitCoin price was steady around 465 Dollars for a while and grows slowly up to 2300 Dollar now.

Many people ask whether this could be a true worth or only a bubble, a hype.

So let us take a look on history and the past growing from BitCoin.

If you follow statistics you can see over the time BitCoin was going up, remains there, went a little bit down and after all grow up to new highs.

People  told there is a bubble always, there is a peak and it will fall down.

Almost all people trading AltCoins and do not realize BitCoin is working totally different.

First of all most places In the world treat Bitcoin as a currency. That’s relevant for many companies filling out tax forms in a right way.

AltCoins are similar treated but not at all.

Most people invest in mining AltCoins because they want to swap them to BitCoins.

This works very well but if price diversification between BitCoin and AltCoin will grow it isn’t any more profitable to buy or mine AltCoins.

And of course AltCoins haven’t got that opportunity to be spent elsewhere than on exchanges or trading platforms.

Many people have an good income with them but don´t realize they only feeding the bad bears with honey  (FinTec and governments) because they make ICO`s and big trading platforms to collect money for own blockchain projects.

Nearby 1000 Blockchains are not working in a correct way and the greatest mess of all no one understands why. They always try to copy some systems and best of all want to use it on an underlying old infrastructure.

FinTec companies have nothing similar to get ready. You can listen each meeting and hear the same phrases always.

Everytime they will explain AltCoins with BitCoins. It sounds like this „First there was the bitcoin than came smart contracts and now the….coin“

That’s easy to do because 70 Percent of the crowd listen and think ethereum and other coins are built on the BitCoin Blockchain.

And so the lie goes round.

That’s why our school becomes attraction. We go there and ask at the end, what the difference between BitCoin Blockchain and FinTec Blockchains is.

If the speaker is trying to get out of these questions I ask why didn`t he explain his blockchain is not decentralized. Why he has come in trouble because his version has nothing to do with BitCoin Blockchain, which is really decentralized and cannot be frauded by someone.

After all he explains it is necessary because the BitCoin Blockchain is too slow. And even the consensus has come now how to speed up the blockchain  and people out there say „It’s too slow and not really hidden transactions there,…“

Once all these things activated – and this is coming up during 2017 – AltCoins will lose ground.

BitCoin price is rising at the moment and so you can see what will happen in a few months.

AltCoins haven’t got a story and a deeper meaning. If there are no exchanges they are useless.

So what’s the big difference to BitCoin ?

BitCoin was designed to have a real world value. Means it is directly chained to the people as a currency not a trading object in first row. You can buy nearly everything today with BitCoins using credit cards, directly pay like at Amazon, Expedia, Microsoft, Audi, etc.

There is Japan where you can directly pay in more than 300000 shops.

A big demand for bitcoins comes from the 3rd world – the unbanked come closer to the financial markets and BitCoin gives them the opportunity getting in business they never imagined.

BitCoin is a gift because you can do everything to store your value and make it grow safely. Best of all the infrastructure is for free and can be used by everyone.

Smart Contracts available since 2010 through Bithalo.

BitCoin is the hope of some generations to use a new monetary system which is changing the world in a good way and where value grows.

You buy today lets say half a bitcoin and more and more people come into this system. The worth of your BitCoin is growing constantly. And even if you can afford to change only 7 Percent of your income each month you will see after a couple of months you get more money than you have changed and its growing rapidly.

That’s why the ask for BitCoin is on a very high level but the collectible amount is small.

People use BitCoins with Debit Cards buying food, going for vacations, rent a car and have a good time only spending some bitcoins and save some.

That’s what is making the difference. Human use the BitCoin Blockchain to store assets safe and can be sure its truely decentralized. All these benefits show no one is willed to develop a really decentralized blockchain for good. They only build a lot of computer but still want to control them with rules and rights depending on their old server structures.

BitCoin is totally different from AltCoins it looks back to a 10 year old history nearly and it was created to stop the old economy burning money and having inflation. BitCoin is deflated.

AltCoins user are the old economy on an digital assessment. They trade until their AltCoin Bubble blows all away.

What is the expectation of BitCoin in the future ?

First more security through side chains like TumbleBit, Mimblewimble, Lightning or such nice things like JumblR which is fasten up.

The trackability from BitCoin will be lost completely and that’s a great step to prevent the old world coming for you saying you do wrong even if you are the cleanest man on earth.

BitCoin is coming up to have a great fight. Never before in history the citizens of this world have been so responsible for their own money and never have had before a real world currency wich is borderless and bring up fortune, opportunities and developments for good future products (safe self driven taxis without a driver for example)

So what BitCoin is expected to do is to work secure for all times. That means the network has to expand on new levels. In future we must have more computers running as a node and stabilize the network. 1.8 million computers are very large but I would see much more running.

BitCoin will change everything if users are doubling themselves  in this light speed. Further on we will see at the end of 2022 many governments falling down and new coming up.

We will see worldwide tax systems break down and for good we will see changing the world in a more democratically way with an fixed basic income for all and fixed taxes. They will pay necessary world community behaves like health care, public security, education, social projects.

We will see how we will be able to control governments and banks. Banks only Banks as a service, we will see wealthy people coming from nothing.

Till 2140 we will build up a totally new digital economy in a new era. We will see the price spiral breaking down.

And most of all we will see how an efficient world will take care for our environment and nature.

Yes its a lot of work teaching all the people but Satoshi School is growing each day.

This means understanding what is necessary in BitCoins Blockchain technology. It’s on us to give the right choice to the economy.


Business as usual or unexpected ?
Show a company after the FinTec was in there you have the same solutions as FinTec promised them but for free. They do not need a new infrastructure and can do all the good things in their opinion what was told before by FinTec consultants.

First of all you have to implement the monetary system so customer can pay with Bitcoin and the company can send bitcoins to their services.

They will see how easy it works worldwide and will spread around. The fees they save and the infrastructure for free let them thank you for all time. They do not have to rent a blockchain or something else. Only use the existing system.

Than we will store assessments like company behaves in the bitcoin blockchain by making „zero“ transactions (could not 0 exactly must minimum one Satoshi) and binding the hash to a digital signature. Now it could not be frauded because each number is only once in space and we can see in the if it was used before. So we can be sure it is really secured by an real independent system.

Our way we do business will completely change. It’s the age of trust and end of 3rd parties.
Just do it one by one. P2P (People 2 People)

How long does this take

In Europe it will take approximately 15 years and a long fight with governments regulators and banks is coming up like a storm but it won’t be a war by weapons but words. They can’t stop but won’t believe it til BitCoins will exchange the old money  no one needs any more. Financial crises all over the world, unsolved problems, hunger and overpopulation will BitCoin get raised up to 10000 Dollar and more in the next four years.

You can‘ t stop this – it has been gone too far and too big. The question is where will you be then ?

Our society has to change radically and if you do not go with time, time will let you go.

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