Das lange sterben des Bitclub Network

The long road to Perdition from BitClub Network

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Schaut euch die News gut an.

coinpay, cp market place,… alles alter Müll aufgewärmt und natürlich jetzt muss man investieren … wie immer 3500 Founder … na los doch …, diesmal klappt es bestimmt…, versprochen

wieviele steigen diesmal ein und zögern dadurch den Tod raus ?

Und natürlich der BC Club merkt ihrs ? 😂

ne volle Exchange …


BitClub News


  • NEW BC Club
  • ClubCoin Update
  • CoinPay Update
  • NEW CP Marketplace
  • NEW Social Media – Official Channels
  • Phishing Attempts and „Non official“ websites
  • USA Refunds Update
  • More Languages Added

The NEW BC Club…

We are very excited to announce a new product and service within BitClub Network that we are calling the BC Club. This is a big time membership upgrade that will give you the following benefits…

Ein Dual wallet als Cold Storage na dann alles rein da ist dann einfach weg wenn zu und da braucht man keine private keys rausgeben


  • INSTANTLY sell your crypto for cash
  • Book Travel with Crypto
  • Shop with Crypto
  • 24/7 VIP Concierge & VIP Assistant
  • Custom APP with LIVE chat support
  • Receive a UK Bank account
  • Buy/Sell crypto and FX Currency instantly
  • Pay bills, transfer money, and much more…

Das roll out sieht dann so aus…

Monster dürfen kaufen master usw. Special 500

alles schon da gewesen und ?


In addition to all these benefits you will receive a special dual wallet that will serve as a Vault and a Hot Wallet so you can spend your coins within seconds and also keep them safe in cold storage. This wallet will include your own private key and more details will be provided at launch.

From this wallet you can easily transfer crypto into your personal bank account with a simple one click exchange. Our plan is to build up many cool features within the BC Club that will help you spend, save, and earn more crypto.

club coin geht als eth erc 20 Token ne ist klar umbenenneb und trotzdem kein Wert 😂

Mit nem echten hat’s nicht geklappt und jetzt konvertieren

warum erinnert mich das an Avalon 😂

na ja wer noch nicht genug gerockt wurde 😝🤣🕳

When can I sign up?

Our plan is to roll this out to based on membership ranks starting November 1st. First all of the Mega Monster Builders and Monster Builders will be allowed to upgrade and be the first to set up all these new features on the platform.

Next we will open it up to all Master Builders and a special group of 500 members (at any rank) who can join as part of a first come first serve special. After this group we will open to all Pro Builders and all Founder Members, and then finally the next tier which will include everyone.

You Get Paid Commissions….

The price for the BC Club membership is $3,500 USD and 50% of this goes back in commissions through the comp plan. This package will be paid out the same way as our Founder Pack for $3,500.

When you purchase this package you will also become a Founder and receive full Founder benefits.

We are very excited about this package because the solutions we can offer our members will be very valuable and our plan is to continue to add more and more features to this membership so it becomes a very exclusive club.


ClubCoin Major Announcement…

As the crypto market continues to mature we have decided to make a major upgrade to ClubCoin that will benefit all ClubCoin holders.

Instead of continuing to run our own blockchain we have decided to convert all existing ClubCoin to the Ethereum blockchain and issue a new ERC20 token in its place.

Why are we doing this?

Because today ERC20 tokens have become the standard of the industry and they are much easier to deal with, use, secure, and maintain moving forward.

Plus, by moving to the ETH chain we will be added to more exchanges, be included in more wallets, and it will also allow ClubCoin to become the native token for all CoinPay invoices.

For those of you holding ClubCoin there is an opportunity for you to get more ClubCoin when you convert it, but you have to do it by the end of the year. You will receive 1.6 new ClubCoin for every 1 ClubCoin you convert before January 1st 2019.

Example: If you have 100 CC right now you can convert and get 160 CC on the new Ethereum chain.

This is a limited time offer that will expire at the end of the year. After January 1st 2019 you can still convert ClubCoin at a 1:1 ratio (this will last forever until all ClubCoin has been converted).

There is a new page in our Members Area for you to convert ClubCoin starting November 1st. Everyone will have 60 days to convert at the ratio of 1 to 1.6

Make sure you have secured all of your tokens so you can be ready to convert them starting November 1st. If you have ClubCoin currently sitting in your BitClub virtual wallet then you can easily convert it from there by changing the withdrawal address to the unique address generated for you during the conversion process.

Click Here to see the new conversion page

New ClubCoin Website

We are also in the process of building a brand new website for ClubCoin that will have a fresh look and new information about the plan to make ClubCoin the ultimate shopping token within the CoinPay Marketplace.

Keep your eye on it here – https://clubcoin.co


CoinPay Update…

CoinPay is finally ready for prime time. We have been testing and building and testing even more and the last piece of the puzzle will be the new ClubCoin token that will become a big piece of the CP platform and CP marketplace.

Get more details on our now CoinPay Members Page where you can soon purchase the CoinPay membership packages.

We are also launching a new replicated website on the domain CoinPay.pw website

All members will receive commissions from the sale of the platform AND you will receive ongoing residual commissions from the 1% transaction fee charged for each transaction on the platform paid out in the following structure…

We have been working on the CoinPay platform for over 2 years now and we are very excited to finally bring this to market. We’ve hired a lot of new staff and we’ve been putting the proper structure in place to handle all of the merchant onboarding and support when its launched.

One of the reasons it took so long to bring this to market was because we wanted to offer a fiat solution so merchants could easily convert their ClubCoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and more to EUR and USD instantly.

We considered many options and even considered using Tether or a stable coin but finally we found a bank and a streamlined process that merchants can set up easily.

Our plan is to focus very heavily on CoinPay and this all starts right now. We are probably about 60 days away from a full blown launch, but over the next few weeks there will be a small set of members and businesses that will be invited to integrate the platform.

Thanks to everyone involved with this project over the past 2 years. We are lucky that CoinPay didn’t launch when we wanted it back in 2016 because we did not have the support and backend structure to make this work and the market was not ready. But we feel like now is the perfect time!


CP Marketplace…

One of things we are really excited about is our new CP Marketplace that we have been building for merchants to plug in with consumers.

This platform is a directory, advertising portal, and so much more!

Our team has been working hard on this piece because we believe with all the new upgrades to ClubCoin and with the launch of CoinPay this market place will tie everything in together and create a big opportunity for 2019 and beyond.

Stay tuned for more info in the next update about this. We know businesses will be very excited to be included in this marketplace and we can’t wait to share details as they come together.


NEW Social Media – BitClub Official Channels…

We spent the entire year re-organizing our company, setting up new support and infrastructure, establishing a clear set of policies and procedures, and cleaning up the entire company from top to bottom.

Now that we have a „real“ company and we are not just a „club“ of friends sharing in mining profits together (which was our original vision) we can can protect our brand and begin our own marketing and promotions from the corporate side.

To kick this off we have set up the following social media outlets…

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BCNCorporate

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BCNCorporate

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDD6SzGDxDKbSbTJi8aS4hw

Our goal with these websites are to provide support, compliance, training, marketing and an official news source for BitClub Network. If our website goes down or there is an issue with something we will post it from one of these platforms.

This will also be a great place to turn in bad actors who are out there using our name to run their own scams. Please plug in and stay up to date.


Phishing Attempts and „Non official“ Websites…

We have seen a large increase in fake websites pretending to be associated with BitClub Network and some of them are very convincing so we want to put out this warning to help you protect yourself.

Anytime we launch new features or websites we see many copy cat websites or emails that pop up trying to steal your data or sell products that look like us. Please know that we will NEVER ask you for login details through social media or other websites that are not our main website.

We wont offer any special deals or products or services via email or through social media. We will also never email you anything other than official emails that are notifications of withdrawals, security messages or very basic system follow ups. No promotions or specials will ever be emailed. If you receive an email please report it to us so we can help identify it for others.

Our plan is to use our new Social Media outlets to list all the official websites and products we offer and help stop scams.

Thanks for helping us protect you and everyone that will come after you!


USA Refunds Update

We have been working on a new streamlined process for refunds and over the past few days we have pushed a lot of them through the queue. When this happens all commissions earned will be clawed back from the upline.

This includes all Binary credits from the invoices, level up commissions, infinity commissions, and all other bonuses that may have been earned.

For this reason you may see some of your binary credits in your tree go negative or be removed. This may also bring your available BTC or BCH balance to negative when the claw-back happens.

If you are seeing any of this happen to your account the past few days its because we are now processing a large batch of refunds. Moving forward we will be able to do these refunds on a daily or every few days schedule so it wont be so drastic.

If you have any questions about this please open a support ticket and our customer support will help give you more specific answers about your account.

Our Refund policy is now very clear. If you are in the USA and you provide documentation then you will get a full refund minus commissions earned. Also, now that we have this refund process streamlined we are going to be cracking down harder on members who are found to be accessing the website from within the USA.

You may be notified and asked to submit documentation proving you are not in the USA and if you are found to be promoting in the USA then your account will be refunded and your membership terminated.

Thanks for your understanding, this is to protect all of us and this should come as no surprise as we have constantly sent out warnings about this and have even included it in our new terms and conditions.


More Languages Added…

We are happy to announce that we are bringing back all of the languages we supported on the previous version of the website. We also have a much better platform for keeping the content up to date as we move forward.

You can expect to see the following languages going live French and Greek up to the next two weeks

Shortly behind these two languages are…

  • Singaporean
  • Indonesian
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese
  • Portuguese (both)

Thanks for you patience as we have completely revamped our website to allow for better translations, support, and a better user experience no matter what language you choose.

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