What a difference day make – Lies around a hard fork on Blockchain

There is no hard fork coming

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Once there was a debate what the best way may be to make the bitcoin blockchain faster. About this discussion two different group opinions started to make a trial.

It was literally said a debate on a high level. But what comes out today is an self-fished driven argue about personalities to have a last shine. All of the mess came out after the last conference, where a decision was taken to make block upsize and activating segwit.

The next step ended up that a group of Core Developer do not want to make a force for blocksize update and then things went crazy.

To understand why a blocksize update at the moment makes no sense is rather be the experience from Ether who has blown away after a fork and community split up in ETH and ETC. Thats a very disappointing drive and so it would be clear not to make a hard fork until BitCoin Blockchain has raised up to more efficience by more supporting computers.

A second reason is that BitCoin is coming out now and raises up in price and a good mood for people who just want to use BtiCoins as a currency. More merchants come out accepting BitCoins. Infrastructure is growing. Brexit and all the problems in the world drives people in BitCoin. But if there is a debate without mind they will lose trust in BitCoin and thats finally destroy the idea of a free world which behaves of the poorest.

What we have to understand that not miners decide what happens as Roger Ver predicts.

We have more than one groups who could change the view of point what happens.

First we have the Developers. Developers bring new ideas to code and can implement this ideas to BitCoin test net and afterwards bring it to live. Developers could decide if miners are able to make changes of gravity.
Thats because miners could set mining fees and with the latest core version it`s very easy to scale fees.

One of the reasons from the BitCoin Unlimited Front is, that miners fee won`t go up by changing the blocksize
On the other hand if segwit and sidechains activated miners will loose fees and that could stress them out to level up mining fees.

But who can guarantee that mining fees won’t increase by blocksize upgrade ? No one. Imagine a supermarket where you buy noodles. The price increases also if the package is only half filled. Why ? Because people not satisfied with the earnings after a while. So they know they could set up the price and they do. And so miners will no matter if Segwit is coming or Blocksize scaling.

Roger Ver is an investor and miner who gets a lot of transactions fees and uses his power to force a discussion far away trying to hold people for the mining fees.

On the other hand segwit speaker John Vaugh is also driven from the fees because lightchain and so on will produce fees and supporters will get them.

So what we see is only a argue about mining fees. They forget what happens in trust of people. Now at the moment of this article BitCoin price is down under at 870$. And thats whats not working for real.

Imagine how many trade with bitcoins, how many trusted in asset replacement in BitCoins and remember the news „BitCoin first time in history more worth than gold“.

And thats what no one understand. Neither Roger Ver nor John Vaugh or all the people out there want to have two chains by heart. And all they know that the following group is the real decider in this game of profiling.

The Nodes

Nodes are necessary and not every miner is also functional as a node. Each node has a vote in this placement.
And without the free nodes fullnodes (miners and nodes) wouldn`t get the peak of 75% which is necessary for activating hard fork.

Also there a little group of Pool operators and hasher who could just stop. If nodes stopping support for a new chain, there are able to reject blocks.

What this could mean we will see if BCoin is still growing like now. If the node hash power goes to BCoin project (First Core who supports BitCoins without using Satoshis original script for coding) They produces blocks and reject the proof of work from non BCoin blocks. They will activate SegWit and Lightchain without behave of what BCU wants.

Risk of the Exchanges

If the exchange only trade BTC and rename BCU into an unknown thing, it will be the big bang for BCU and will lose all of his sense. Also they can decide against BTC

And what`s the cruz ? BTC will die.

So now everyone understands that a hard fork would not come. We will burn 21 Bill Dollar in a few seconds. Roger Ver said he will spend money to change BTC BCU 1:1 not 1:2 because otherwise he will lose half amount of his money deposit. And believe me thats a lot.

The crazy thing is all sides BCoin, Core Dev. and BCU know about this by heart. They know we will blow up the whole show.

Once they came to change the world by decentralization and now they play cards to the hands of the FinTec which is not amused about decentralization at all. Only because some people want to show who they are and what they will be this coming to a crazy worthless situation like this. We have seen Winklevoss Twins third time running through the barrier and losing ETF. ETF was not what the heart of BitCoin is. Thats why it is good it failed and there is no turning point back.

So there is a big lie about the hard fork. It would never come truth because everyone knows what happens afterward.

Now is the time where people get know about BitCoins and if you want to offer if the flames of some individuals acting without mind only for their own reputations thats the worse case we see now.

BitCoin is a currency for all people not for a bunch of groups. It is the answer of a broken world from 2008.
So do not believe in people who only see mining fees.

If the show is blowing up BCoin is the next great player and they stand for minimum fees, a fast system by SegWit and Sidechains, which have tested and programmed for years without faults.

But if you always yell out like them you will fight fire with oil.

No one will burn the value. So don’t panic around.

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