Where do we go today ?

How long is the road to decentralization ?

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8 years and we are still at the beginning ?

When blockchain started we were going to talk about the money thing and BitCoin. This thing was over the years people getting busy and after 2014 there was a talk over about regulation all over the world.

BitCoin so they say is a dangerous thing we will lose money and there always thefts and burglars round the corner. If something happen to someone and he was in contact with BitCoins it will come up as a whole show on tv and news today.

They have done with everything new and still do with all they are frightened about. They are the banks, governments and the whole financial sector.

The paradox thing about is, that they are hypnotized by the word „Blockchain“.

So they tried to keep up and create own blockchains like IBM, R3, Deloitte and so on.

Millions of old money has been gone for good. A result of this all the money has blown up and is gone for good.

Because they don`t understand that a blockchain without BitCoin does not work. The BitCoin depends on the blockchain because he is the security token as a part of a whole circuit and if you try to break through something is going wrong, because we don’t understand this technology at all.

For instance the financial sector spend 45Bn$ in creating own blockchains and solutions but after all they failed.

BitCoin invests have been round 1 Bn$ in the same time does much more affecting because it is decentralized and its for free to use. Unbanked people do not have to know how it works they just use it. Because its easy to send, receive in change money to 150 currencies with only 3 buttons to press : „send, receive, change“

We don’t have to wait for money from 1 to 3 days and its more comfortable and cheaper than western union or similar.

Blockchain – the big thing ?  

All about blockchain is the ability to store value in an efficient and unhackable way. But the only unhackable blockchain today is the bitcoin blockchain. Why ? Because the system is the perfect combination of a closed security circuit which is locked by a cryptography key we can’t crack down even in 200 years.

Scientists. Mathematics and Physics are in common the BitCoin Blockchain is the most powerful innovation ever and the securest thing on earth.

Many other people tried to copy this great thing because government and financial are afraid about it by losing control of the people who uses. So they want to build up an own blockchain system because they have seen there are many use cases with the blockchain an so called smart contracts. Smart Contracts can control things or send money automatically if a contract between 2 persons say so.

In combination with IOT (Internet of Things) they are able to lock your car if you are not wiled to pay for and so on. There are many use cases which have been created and always people create more use cases. Imagine everything is possible on a blockchain we only have to build up some kind of smart contracts. Smart Contracts likely your excel sheet it depends only on commands as „if, then, when, or and so on. Our whole life is organized in this way. And that’s what smart contracts do. They fulfill your dependings.

If you do something – something is happening. In- and output.

in odd to an excel sheet smart contracts could do all by themselves without the need to press a start button.

For example we will do a contract. You sell me something. Normally we have someone in the middle doing the contract for us and keep an eye wether it is fulfilled or not.

Now there is no man in the middle. That’s the contract and he can do all these things without manpower.

That’s why governments and other are afraid. At least most of the man in the middle will lose their jobs because smart contracts able to replace this jobs by doing them on a computer way. Elections could be more fun if you vote by your mobile phone no matter where you are. You can see the results and changings in real time.

That’s a simple example what we could do in the future.

A look behind the walls

It’s not all gold what is shining. The BitCoin Blockchain is the most usable Blokcchain. Because we understand a little bit how it works. Most of the FinTec solutions not understandable fulll of bugs and last but not least hackable.

If we only understand a little percentage of all from the origin it is clear to see that a copy will always go wrong.
Like Samsung blew up his latest product with batteries problem apple described before and said they can’t afford to bring out an unstable system. Samsung thought it could come over and make it better but a copy is still a copy of a big thing.

We can imagine what a blockchain and smart contracts could do in the future but we can’t build it today at all.

What does this mean ?

People in the FinTec make big Roadshows and show what „THEY WANT TO DO“ not „WHAT THEY HAVE DONE“

And so they just have a talk about nonetheless.

Of course there are many demonstrations but they are not decentralized, one is controlling all your stuff.

For example:

The humaniq project was coming up seeking for crowd funding. They will tell you they believe the unbanked people in the world will have an opportunity to join the economy by humaniq which will provide banking solutions on a blockchain.

It’s a nice thing to talk and thing about but then they came out they will create their own blockchain. And that’s the fault.

Why spending and burning money to create a thing which is already there and in use for free ? Which is more efficient and secure than anything else. Why will they waste time and money ?

Because they want to control the people. What do they do ? Where does the money go ? And for this controlling they will get a lot of fees.

That’s why they never will use the Bitcoin Blockchain. They do not earn fees and they are not able betraying people.

All they have shown are only cluster systems with a few server sending a so called coin around, promise the holy grail and that’s all it is. An old world painting yellow.

What’s up today

Today we do hackathons to show what is possible and the FinTec is more interested in than ever. But it shows that the BitCoin World needs to make more pressure in showing how it works.

Real uses cases powered by BitCoins and BitCoin Blockchain today:

– China lost his tea monopol
– Ukraine change his whole economy to BitCoin Blockchain
– Japan has a great Bitcoin Blockchain doing all services on it
– Zug in Suisse is going the same way
– Many people build up market places and so on by bithalo.org using smart contracts on BitCoin Blockchain
– There are many startups who working to store identities online in the blockchain
– Companies use BitCoins for their cash flow and payment systems to offer a wider range, than other can do
– The acceptance of BitCoin Blockchain is growing rapidely because all other stuff has serious security breaches

Last but not least most of the companies have been fed up with banks and governments and so they won’t go back by using centralized solutions like Ethereum, Ripple and so on.

What does this mean for people and economy 

We can watch how effective BitCoin Blockchain is changing the way. The app „mobi“ transfers bitcoins and up to 150 currencies by sending it only with the phone from one cellular to another cellular phone. We can use BitCoin debit cards from visa and master. The way we think is different and we are creating whole new eco systems.

What it needs is Satoshi School

Why ? There are two scenarios coming up. The first one is the radical and can’t be stopped. It’s only a matter of time until most of the people leave the banks and we see this today in Europe and America growing and growing. And on the other hand the unbanked people get more and more knowledge how to use BitCoins not only by Satoshi School.

The second scenario will be a dialogue between Governments, FinTec and Satoshi School to connect and change things building up a whole new society. Where we can trust each other and also governments and financials because there is the open ledger from BitCoin Blockchain and of course the BitCoin.

Becoming one world and one economy could only take place if the people which affected of this come together and talk together and simple as it is using BitCoin Blockchain and BitCoins.

If all are willed making a change. Otherwise the people will leave Government, Banks and so on out in the rain. Because they can do without asking anyone. And that’s what it will be for now and for ever,

Satoshi School will connecting people in the whole world.

Knowledge is the key for peace and freedom
So we have to keep an eye on.
This system was build for the poorest, to stop banks doing the same like 2008
But many people do with bitcoins the same mistakes.

Responsibility is not a choice. That’s what we call life….


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